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Cosmetic Dentistry

Your smile is a reflection of who you are. It shows your personality and is a key part of your appearance.

Cosmetic dentistry refers to an array of dental procedures and techniques that help to enhance and improve the look of a person’s teeth, gums and, ultimately, their smile, often correcting common problems.

Our dentists are experienced in performing all facets of cosmetic dentistry in Brisbane, including teeth whitening, bonding, crowns, veneers and reshaping and contouring to target problems such as discolouration, chipped or cracked teeth, wear and tear, and crowded and missing teeth.

The dental practice has been presenting natural-looking and confident smiles for more than 50 years. From subtle repairs to a whole smile makeover, Michael and his highly experienced Brisbane cosmetic dentistry team complete a comprehensive inspection of your teeth and tailor a plan and procedure that’s individual to you.

A flawless smile has never been easier to achieve with cosmetic dentistry, backed by the experience and knowledge of Michael and his dental team.