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Crowns and Bridges


A crown is applied over the top part of a tooth that has been badly damaged, is extremely worn or severely decayed. Crowns can help to improve appearance of your teeth, maintain a natural bite and restore function.

The crown acts as a cover to strengthen and protect the tooth from fracturing, and helps to limit the chances of further fracturing, loss of teeth or the need for more complex and costly procedures.

GWH Dental, your local dentist in Cleveland, Brisbane, will create aesthetically appealing and long-lasting crowns that work in harmony with your natural teeth. It is a collaborative effort that requires a high level of attention to detail with very precise clinical skills coupled with technical expertise.

Patients can rest assured, our highly experienced team work to high standards to achieve this restorative treatment, which in most cases takes two visits to your GWH dentist.

During the initial visit, our dental team will prepare your tooth and create a temporary crown, which is made of acrylic, plastic or hybrid material. It is at the second visit that patients receive the final placement of the crown and restoration of the tooth.



A bridge can be used to replace a missing tooth. By attaching an artificial tooth to the crowns on the natural teeth on each side, a bridge can offer a long-term solution to close the gap left by the missing tooth.

GWH Dental, your local dentist in Cleveland, Brisbane, will fit crowns to each of the natural teeth and join them together by a solid crown in the middle – the bridge.

The result is a strong and secure option that is long-lasting and can only be removed by a dentist.