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A mouthguard, custom made and fitted by GWH Dental, can help reduce the risk of dental injuries that occur from sport, leisure and recreation activities.

Just as your teeth need protecting from plaque and tartar, it is also essential that you protect them from injury when you are playing contact sports. A mouthguard professionally moulded to your mouth’s shape is the best form of defence.

Our GWH dentists at Cleveland, Brisbane, will make your mouthguard to the highest standards and unlike store-bought mouthguards, a GWH Dental mouthguard fits better, meaning it won’t slip or fall out to help protect your teeth more effectively.

They are an affordable and easy solution for people, including children, who play recreational or professional sport.

Dental injuries through sport and activities can be painful and, unfortunately, expensive. That’s why a mouthguard worn when you train and play is highly recommended.

A mouthguard can prevent common dental injuries that occur during sport and other activities such as cuts to your mouth and gums, and chipped, cracked, broken or knocked out teeth by acting as buffer against the impact.

The GWH dentists at Cleveland, Brisbane, can explain what’s involved in making a mouthguard when you visit the clinic.