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Root Canal Therapy

When your tooth is damaged internally from deep decay, disease or infection, you can often feel a considerable amount of pain and discomfort in and around the tooth.

Thankfully, root canal treatment – whose technical term is endodontic therapy – is a dental procedure that removes the damaged or infected pulp tissue in the tooth and then seals the space with a filling. Without this treatment, your pain would continue and your tooth may need to be extracted.  Wherever possible, dentists will first and foremost try to restore the original tooth.

Your GWH dentist in Brisbane will firstly examine your teeth, possibly taking X-rays to help see the root’s size and depth. They will then talk you through the individual method they will perform during your root canal treatment.

Your customised procedure will include the removal of the infected pulp and disinfection of the area.

The process is carried out under local anaesthetic and you can rest assured the treatment has a high success rate to restore the tooth’s function.

Generally root-filled teeth will require a crown in time as they typically have a higher risk of fracture.

If you would like to speak with a dentist in Brisbane about root canal therapy, the team at GWH Dental are professionals in this field.