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Why Us?

Your teeth and mouth, and the way they are shaped, their appearance and how they function together are all part of your blueprint – it is part of you.

That’s why choosing a dentist should be a careful decision based on thorough research and extensive knowledge.

At GWH Dental, in Cleveland, Brisbane, we pride ourselves on these five main areas:



Building relationships

Dental care is a long-term commitment and it has been shown that mutual understanding leads to better treatment outcomes. That’s why we pride ourselves on taking the time to get to know our patients and what they want from their visit. It is important that the treatment objectives are mutually agreed on and we work collaboratively with our patients to achieve the best outcome.



Holistic approach

We take a whole-of-mouth approach to your dental health care and will devise a dental plan for you for life. This way we can work with you to achieve your short and long-term goals and provide the education you need to make informed decisions when it comes the health of your teeth, mouth and gums, and also that of your family.



Prevention and education

Good oral hygiene is the foundation of a healthy mouth, teeth and gums. Dental decay and gum disease are the most preventable diseases in Australia and it is our job as your dental professionals to make sure education in the prevention of these diseases is high on our list of priorities. Michael and the team encourage people to ask questions because prevention and education are our two key foundation areas of which we build happy and healthy smiles.



Team of professionals

Our highly experienced and skilled staff are the backbone of GWH Dental. Each team member regularly keeps abreast of new techniques and technologies in our industry and strives for perfection when it comes to the health and wellbeing of your teeth, gums and mouth. At every appointment it is our goal to support you and advise on the appropriate dental options to create and keep a healthy, beautiful smile.



Safe environment

We understand that some people may not enjoy going to the dentist, however, it is our aim to make you feel safe and comfortable so we can achieve the best result for you. We look after you as an individual, treating you with the highest level of care, experience and skill. Each individual patient receives our personalised care and attention every time they visit.